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soldering the PCB

Cut the sticker to size and paste it on the PCB.
Drop solder on one single pad. (There is no sticker on the picture but it has to!)
Place the ESP-12 PCB and resolder the pad you have soldered before.
Solder the whole ESP-12.
Check if the solder reach the PCB.
Place and solder the resistors. Use the following color codes: 100: brown black brown gold or brown black black black brown 10k: brown black orange gold or brown black black red brown
Solder the Diode. Make sure the white line on the diode is on the same side as the white line which is drawn along the PCB.
Solder the 3 pin header.
Solder the big 8 pin headers if you need it. This header is not required but it can be handy if you want to develop your own software.
Solder the Red LED. Make sure the straight side on the led is corresponding with the straight side which is drawn along the PCB.
Solder the buttons.
Solder the DC jack.
Beware that you have to place the long wire on the capacitor at the side of the + at the PCB.
Solder the coil.
Slide the screw terminals to each other so you get 3 pairs.
Place and solder the screw terminals.
Bend the pins of the LM2596 voltage regulator according to the picture.
Solder the LM2596 voltage regulator.
Solder the stp16n06l FETs on the PCB.
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