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Network setup

This is how to connect the EspLight to your wireless network.

1 Connect power to the EspLight
2 Press the AP button to activate the accespoint mode
3 Connect a device with a wireless internet connection to the EspLight hotspot. The default name is EspLight
4 Browse to and you will see the EspLight homepage
5 Add your home network SSID to the SSID field
6 Add your home network password to the password field
7 Think about a name for this EspLight at the Board Name field. (eg Living room)
8 Fill in the EspLight Code field if you want to use a password for the android APP.
9 Press save.
10 Click on the LED tab
11 Fill in the type of LED strip.
11 Press save.
11 Restart the EspLight by clicking on the Reset button on the EspLight
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