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Connect LEDs and power

LED strip
1 For an analog RGB LED strip, connect the Blue, Green, Red and V+ of the LED strip to the EspLight
2 For a WS2801 LED strip, connect the GND, Data, Clock and V+ of the LED strip to the EspLight
3 For a WS2812 LED strip, connect the GND and V+ of the LED strip to the EspLight GND and V+ and connect the data of the LED strip to the Clock Pin. So do NOT connect the Data pin to the Data pin
Power supply
WARNING! The voltage of the input of the EspLight is the same as the output. Be sure the power supply has the SAME VOLTAGE rating as the LED strip. Also be sure that the power supply can handle the current of the LED strip
There are different options to connect a power supply to the EspLight:
1 Connect a power supply with a DC barrel jack to the barrel jack connector
2 Connect a power supply to the GND and V+ pin on the left, It doesn´t matter which on because there are in parallel. But be sure you are connecting GND to GND and V+ to V+
3 If you have multiple EspLights, You can use the second power terminal on the left as output to connect a second EspLight to the same power supply
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