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Communication protocol

This page is for people who want to communicate with the stock firmware I provided without the use of the Android APP.

Find the EspLight

To find the EspLight send an UDP broadcast with the text “EspFind”. The reaction from EspLight would be “name”. (his name as configured in the web interface, not the text “name”)

To find the Esplights with python, you can use this script provided by Miep:

Set effect and color

To set an effect or color, send a UDP message to the IP of the EspLight.

  data: ?pin=...&effect=...&brightness=...&var0=...&var1=...&var2...
      pincode: 4 numbers
      effect: number of effect
          0 = RGB colours (all LEDs same colour)
          1 = fading effect (all LEDs same colour)
          2 = digital fading (only digital LED strip) 
      brightness: 1-99 (%)
      vars (when effect don´t need a var, APP sends 0)
          effect 0:
              var0: Red: 0-255
              var1: Green: 0-255
              var2: Blue: 0-255
          effect 1:
              var0: speed: 0-255
              var1: 0
              var2: 0
          effect 2:
              var0: speed: 0-255
              var1: 0
              var2: 0

To send a message in a Linux terminal, run:

printf "?pin=0000&effect=2&brightness=99&var0=200&var1=0&var2=0" | nc -u -4 -q1 esplight-ip 1337

To receive messages from the APP in a Linux terminal, run:

nc -u -l -p 1337
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